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Prevention better than cure for your aircond
It is a precautionary measure to prevent any untoward air-cond breakdown and wastage caused by ineffieincy. Hence, We are providing well aircond service and maintaince in order to ensure our customer satisfication in the territory Shah Alam, Subang Jaya and Petaling Jaya area consistently. We are also specialist in the following air conditioner jobs.

  • Chiller/Freezer Installation/Service
  • Wiring Maintainence and Service
  • Cooling Tower Services
  • Chiller
  • Replace Sprinkle head
  • Service / Wash Cooling Tower
  • Replace Fanblade Cooling Tower
  • Replace Fanmotor Cooling Tower
  • Cooling Tower water treatment
  • Replace PVC infill Cooling Tower
  • Repair Cooling Tower
  • Cooling Tower Installation
  • Service Chiller
  • Airdryer Service
  • Aircond Service and Maintainence
  • Repair Air-cond compressor
  • Aircond chemical service
  • Aircond repair
  • Aircond installation VRV systems
  • Aircond installation

What benefit you if services your Aircond timely?
Servicing your aircond timely can maximize your spending on aircond performance and cost saving.
Scheduled maintenance means that you can maximize the lifespan and performance of your aircond and also to ensure that it is always cooling up your premises at ideal efficiency and electricity. On other hand, your aircond will last longer and lower your electricity bill. Importantly, a proper serviced aircond will keep your premises at the desired temperature compared to a non-serviced aircond.

How to know that when should service your Aircond??
The answer is based on the Aircond locations, usages and status vary greatly and some may require more or less care such as residential and commercial usage with service request is vary in response to their usage and location of the aircond.
Advisely, we encourage our customer should clear the filters of the aircond in bi-monthly basic and have it serviced chemically at least once or twice a year. That it could ensure the maximum lifespan and efficiency of aircond overall preformance.

Any question or doubt on your aircond???
Contact us now We’re frinedly and available to chat. Reach out to us anytime and we’ll happily answer your question.